Lower Back Exercises

Important Bodybuilding Tips

Important Bodybuilding Tips Here are some free bodybuilding tips for those of you who are going to be doing some weight lifting at the gym: Never break form; if you can’t do any more repetitions, just stop. People breaking form to get more repetitions is the number one reason people …

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The Back Extension

The Back Extension Back extensions are actually pretty effective at eliminating lower back pain. So the next time you are looking at different products and asking yourself “do inversion tables work,” you can at least rest assured that back extensions do. To perform back extensions, you will need to find …

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The Seated Row

The Seated Row Seated cable rows are excellent for both your upper and lower back, and for this exerise you will need to find the (yes, you guessed it!) a seated cable row machine. Lower on the page there is a picture of me doing the seated row. I would …

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