Enjoy Your Lower Ab Workout

Enjoy Your Lower Ab Workout

I never thought I would see the day when I would say I enjoy my lower abs Aworkout. Well, the day has arrived. If you had known me a few years ago, you would understand why I feel the way I do. I used to be a total slob. I hated every exercise, especially those pertaining to the abdomen.

Apparently, it is important to keep your abdomen strong. So it is important to keep a good six pack abs workout My doctor stated that not exercising your “core” is like building a home with out a footer (foundation). He told me that the stronger the core, the stronger the body. The weaker the core, the weaker the body. So far I was following his lead.

Unless you are totally incapacitated, you use your abdomen muscles everyday. Almost from the moment you awaken. The simple task of sitting up requires an engagement of your stomach fibers to propel you into that ninety-degree (seated) angle. Your breathing also incorporates the use of the muscles in your stomach area. It only makes sense to strengthen them.

Transversus Abdominis were the next difficult words. Goodness me! I hope I never have to spell it. My doctor said that very few people know this part of the abdomen exists! I wondered why. He said it is a part of the abdomen that cannot easily be seen. So, most also do not know this helps you to shoot out air forcefully from your lungs. I never realized this.

Finally, there are the Obliques. I do like the sound of that word. It was explained to me that these help me to stand straight. The obliques also allow me to rotate my upper body, and with moving side to side. I found out something new about my body. I did not learn this in health class.

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Whether we know it or not, we each day must use our abdomen muscles. Without them it would be very (if not totally) difficult to move. When we bend over, we use our abdomen. When we turn our torso, we use these muscles. When we reach, these fibers are stretched. The simple movement of sitting up requires the use of our ab muscles.

Transversus Abdominis. I have a surprise for you. Most people do not even know these exist. They are probably the least thanked of all the abdominal muscles. You know what they say, “out of sight, out of mind.” The Transversus Abdominis are needed when you forcefully exhale.

You can search the Internet for a great lower ab workout. There are many resources on the types of exercises you can do to make your stomach area stronger. If you prefer, you can find books in your public library. You can hire a personal trainer. You may even have a friend (or friends) who can help you start an exercise regimen. What ever you decide to do make sure you study extensively what your options are. You may want to get the opinion of your health care provider before you begin any exercise program. Start slowly and progress at your own pace.

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