How to Choose a Home Treadmill

How to Choose a Home Treadmill

Home treadmills are very well-liked types of training equipment that give great cardio workouts and are very easy to use. Treadmills that are electric powered are the most popular but you can also buy human powered treadmills. Cheaper treadmills can be found for approximately $400 although, to make sure the treadmill will last for a reasonable time, it would be advisable for you to buy a more expensive treadmill.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a home treadmill, of course, is that you won’t need to go out to a gym. You’ll really be pleased about this through the winter in the dark, cold evenings. Much more pleasant to work out in the comfort of your home! Another advantage is that you will be able to watch TV, read or listen to music during your exercising so you won’t get bored.

Considerations When Choosing a Home Treadmill

While, as as mentioned above, treadmills are available for for as low as $400 they won’t be very good quality and will lack some of the features of better quality models. You also need to consider the extra features available, such as the range of programs since a wider range will allow for more variety in your workout workout and can prevent boredom. A built in heart rate monitor is useful so that you can monitor and control the level of cardio exercise.

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Although you may be tempted to buy a less expensive model this may be a poor choice in the long run because it will either not last or be so limiting that you easily get bored with the exercise routine. A further thing to think about is how many people will be using the treadmill and how much they weight. If your treadmill will be used by two or more joggers than consider spending around 00 and for two serious runners around $1500 – 2000.

Also consider the stated weight maximum of the machine you are thinking of purchasing. Other treadmill manufacturers exaggerate their weight limits therefore, particularly if you are slightly overweight, pick a treadmill that has a maximum weight limit than your real weight. Keep in mind that, even if you think you will only be walking on the treadmill, as your fitness improves you possibly will begin to exercise a lot more energetically. If you purchased a cheap machine you may have to buy another one that is better for your improved level of fitness! It would be easier to buy a better quality home treadmill in the first place.


Choosing a home treadmill may not be as easy as simply going to the mall and choosing the first one you see. Carefully think about the way you will be using it and the features you will need. Ensure that you purchase one that is going to not fall apart in a few months and can stand up to the different types of exercising you will be doing.

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