How to Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

A body with flat stomach is perhaps the most desirable body image look in today’s world. The modern media and fashion industry has incurred the desire of flat stomach in not only the youth but in older people too. And the latest research in the medical sciences has transformed this ‘desire’ into the ‘need’ of a good health. Belly fat is usually the ugliest and the most fatal fat in the body.

People who have pear-shaped body tend to develop more fat in belly region rather than in other areas. Recent studies have shown that if waist measurement is above 36 inches in women and 40 inches in men, you are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Regular exercising and diet controls can effectively reduce the unhealthy fat.

There are two types of exercises to lose belly fat: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercise uses oxygen to create energy, while non-aerobic or anaerobic exercises create energy without the need of oxygen. Aerobic exercise includes aerobic dancing, jogging, running, treadmills etc., while anaerobic exercise includes dumbbells and weight lifting.

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Both the types have their unique advantages. For better results, a combination of both can be practiced. Other than these workouts, some small practices can be added on daily basis that focus mainly on belly fat. For example, vacuuming daily for an hour puts force on the belly fat. Right postures while walking, standing and sitting also contribute in reducing the belly fat and stretching of skin. While breathing, pulling your stomach inwards during inhale and relaxing during exhale is also effective.

Besides proper exercise, care should be taken of the diet too. A well balanced and healthy diet that is low in fat and starch is good. Eating routine should also be given attention. Long starving periods introduce more fat in the body.

One can find lots of quick reducing fat pills and diets on the market, but they are least helpful and most expensive. So, in order to get the real results, thorough understanding of belly fat, diet and exercise plans should be gained.

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