Top Rated Cervical Pillows: Reviews!

Top Rated Cervical Pillows: Reviews!

Cervical Neck Pillows are regarded as an ideal tool for those suffering from cervical pain or disorders. Such devices assist one to maintain good sleeping posture as well as keep his or her spine and head in proper alignment when lying down. A cervical pillow helps to decrease neck and upper backpressure and appropriately align one’s airway. The new sleep positions result in a reduction in snoring, as the nerve roots within the cervical area are no longer being irritated.

When shopping for a cervical neck pillow an individual should attempt to find a model that is safe, comfortable and durable. There is a wide variety of cervical pillow devices from which to choose and the model selected will largely depend on one’s budget as well as his or her personal preference. Several manufacturers offer high quality cervical neck pillows, including Alex Orthopedic, Mediflow, Core Products Corporation, and Duro-Med. When one is making a selection is it essential to consider craftsmanship and quality, longevity, cost, and manufacturer’s warranty information.

The cervical pillows currently in the highest demand include tri core cervical pillows, basic cervical support pillows and cervical traction neck pillows. These models provide cervical pain relief for those with pinched nerves, shoulder pain, herniated discs and other conditions.

Cervical Pillow Reviews

While there is a vast array of models from which to choose when one is shopping for a cervical pillow, the following have received mostly favorable reviews from consumers:

D-Core Cervical Pillow

Although not as firm as some of its competitors, the D-Core Cervical Pillow from Core Products helps to keep one’s neck in proper alignment, allowing soft tissues and muscles to heal. It is for this reason the D-core Cervical Pillow is a favorite of those whose neck injuries were the result of an accident. In addition, this model is frequently recommended by chiropractors and can provide neck pain relief when you sleep. Typically no more expensive than a standard high quality pillow, this model is a good choice for those who are shopping on a budget.

Mediflow Cervical Pillow

The Mediflow Cervical Pillow is a water based neck pillow that many individuals find exceptionally comfortable. A hybrid model developed in recent years, this unique pillow features a securely sealed, built-in water pouch that the user can adjust by adding or releasing water from the pillow’s core. This model has received favorable comments from many consumers including those who suffer from serious medical conditions such as cervical spine degeneration and damaged cervical discs. This model is at the higher end of the price range for cervical pillows but comes with an excellent manufacturers warranty and is well known for its longevity.

Alex Orthopedic Cervical Neck Roll Pillow

Orthopedic surgeons for patients who have undergone neck surgery frequently recommend models such as the Alex Orthopedic Cervical Neck Roll Pillow. This model also features an organic option for those with allergies or other environmental sensitivities. Additional Alex Orthopedic models are available such as the Memory Foam Cervical Pillow designed to relieve individuals of disc pressure as they sleep. These models are moderately priced and come with a 6-month warranty.

Duro-Med Full Size 3 Zone Cervical Pillow

Although some users state that it requires a little “breaking in,” the Duro-Med Full Size 3 Zone Cervical Pillow offers relief to those suffering from chronic neck pain. It is an especially good choice for individuals whose doctors recommend a firm cervical pillow. Those who need a softer model may wish to try the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Pillow that is similar to the 3-Zone model only not as firm. The Duro-Med Cervical Contour Pillow is also an option for those looking for a pillow that features medium firmness but one that will still promote proper sleeping posture.

Finding the ideal neck pillow may take a bit of time and effort on the part of the consumer. Some individuals also find they must try several varieties before making a final selection. It is also wise to ask the opinion of one’s doctor or chiropractor when deciding on the best cervical pillow. Go to a chiropractic clinic for a consultation.

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