The Posture Chair of Your Dreams!

The Posture Chair of Your Dreams!

We often learn that things that were drummed into us as children, sometimes turn out to be false. An example is the old, Sit Up Straight, command. It used to be thought that sitting at a 190 degree angle in one’s chair was the perfect posture. However, it has been discovered that maintaining this position for several hours at a time can actually harm the back. Now, it is being discovered that a 135 degree angle of sitting may be the best form for the spine. Simply put, it just means that if you sit up perfectly straight, and then lean back 45 degrees, that will ease the pressure on your back.

When the computer generation exploded, it led to a boom in jobs where employees spend their entire workday in chairs. If you add to that the number of children sitting in classrooms all day, and then coming home and spending hours more in front of a computer, the chances of developing chronic back pain are incalculable.

This increase in world-wide back pain has created a new market; the posture chair. This billion dollar, hyper-competitive market competes with itself, every day, to create the best chair possible for people who spend so much of their time sitting down. It becomes obvious, when looking over posture chair reviews, just how much research and care has gone into this new market.

A term you will frequently come across while researching this market, is, kneeling chairs, or, ergonomic chairs. These chairs have been created to allow people to sit in a kneeling position. The prototype for this chair was called, The Balans Kneeling Seat. Sitting on of these style chairs lets your body find its natural balance line. That is a line that goes from ear, to shoulder, to hips, to ankle. When seated in this position the body is allowed to form an open posture. The open posture, or, dynamic movement, lets the back position itself naturally, which relieves pressure to the spine and its discs.

An excellent, affordable chair is made by, Office Star. Their newest Work Smart model has a pneumatic lift and memory foam. Memory foam is a NASA inspired creation that is used in most luxury beds these days. You can buy one of these chairs and still send your kids to college, as the chair starts at around, one-hundred-nineteen dollars.

Bodybilt has muscled their way on the scene with an amazing offering. This company creates their chairs with the assumption that every single person has a unique sitting position. They work with you to find out what yours is, and then they custom build a chair for you. They are more than happy to ship it out to you, once it is built, for you to try out for thirty days. If you do not like it, they will take the chair back and give you a full refund.

If you are still sitting on the fence over what style of posture chair to buy, consider what Bryan Gentry, from, The Gentry Collection has to offer. He has taken his classic, cool-mesh office chair and combined it with his hot-cold gel pack. Take the hot-cold gel pack, and put it in the freezer for a few minutes.

When you take it out, slip it into the specially designed pocket in the back of the cool-mesh chair. If you need heat applied to your back while working, just microwave the pack for a couple of minutes, and then slip it into the pocket in the back of the chair. They also offer a battery pack back that will massage your back, even as it heats, or ices it. Everything on this chair is adjustable, so you can just about custom build your own posture chair.

In the age of technological breakthroughs, there is no reason to submit yourself to unnecessary torture. There is a plethora of posture chair companies out there, and if you come, they will build it.

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