You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren – Review

You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren – Review

As a Bootcamp Instructor I’m always looking for new bodyweight exercises with little to no equipment necessary. Naturally Amazon knew this and suggested that I might enjoy this book while I was perusing it’s webpages.

Initial Thoughts

It turns out that You Are Your Own Gym was quite good. You can never tell with fitness books until you open them up and have a look inside. While not having as many new body weight exercises as I hoped it still provides a great reference book for every basic bodyweight exercise.

About The Book

Mark Lauren is an ex-Navy SEAL who continues to train the worlds best Special Forces to this day. He uses a combination of bodyweight exercises and high intensity training methods to create short, sharp and effective workouts.

The book starts with an unusually large forward which provides the user with a bit of insight into the author’s past. This is followed by a little information on short vs long workouts and then some advise on diet.

I found the diet information a little contradictory. He speaks about sticking to unprocessed natural foods but then at the end pushes the importance of have a high carbohydrate high protein shake after your workout. Still the general message is there and it is better than 90% of other fitness books out there.

Best Bits
Great intro. Mark has had quite an exciting past.
Good exercise decriptions and pictures.
Large collection of progressions for each exercise.
The 8-count bodybuilder exercise.
How to do pullups at home with no bar, although I’m still too scared to try it.
Worst Bits

Not as many new exercises as I would have liked.

Not enough varieties and bad visual formating on the workout programs in the back of the book.
I would have to give You Are Your Own Gym a 3.5 out of 5. While Mark hits on some great points and provides a useful reference guide, some ideas such as using two bookshelves for dips are just downright dangerous.

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