Case Study: It’s Time To Get Primal

Case Study: It’s Time To Get Primal

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown my body into the clutches of a case study. I’ve been waiting to come across something worthy of my time.

A few weeks ago I was perusing through the WOD on the Crossfit Victoria site. I noticed in their sidebar they had a link to a website called

After clicking on the link I was greeted by a picture of a man who looked like he might be in his early forties sprinting along a beach. This man was Mark Sisson.

Oh yea, he was totally ripped as well.

I started skimming through his blog and discovered that he had a book, the Primal Blueprint. It looked great, I wanted to read it even if it was just for entertainment.

His creed in life is based around 10 rules. Now before you roll your eyes at yet another “perfect” set of 10 rules that dozens of diet and exercise books push on their pages, you need to understand how he came to them. Sisson’s rules are based on human life in pre-agricultural times. Ie. 10000+ years ago when we lived of the land.

Sisson has done an incredible amount of research to support his claims and theories. As a result he has inadvertantly had 1,000′s (possibly 10,000′s) of real life success stories from people who like me have stumbled across his blog and become hooked.

My Case Study
This case study is a little different from others in that I will be sticking to it strictly for 2 months instead of one. One month, while good cannot really give you a fair assessment of a change in diet or routine.

I gave myself 2 weeks to ease into the diet and then started this week. Grains are a huge thing to give up so I didn’t want to just go cold turkey. Having said that, I didn’t end up eating any grains last week but decided to go ahead and mark this Sunday just passed as my first day.

Notes So Far

Be organised! Either plan out your meals one week at a time or have a back up meal on hand at all times. Also experiment with different grain-free muffins and bars that you can just grab and go. Boiled eggs work nice too.
Take shortcuts. Go online and search for services that will deliver organic groceries and meat straight to your door. We’ve been using CERES Fair Food and they have been terrific so far (and very affordable).

Eating Potatoes. If you live quite an active lifestyle, be sure to eat the occasional denser vegetable like potato or sweet potato. I’ve found this gives me a nice boost to my overall energy levels although I’ve been told as time goes on my body will continue to adjust and I will need to rely on these high carbohydrate meals less and less.
More Info

I’ll be reviewing the book in full over the weekend with more detail on Sisson’s methods.

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