The BEST and Most Effective Posture Exercises!

The BEST and Most Effective Posture Exercises!

If you want to improve your posture and reduce back pain, doing posture exercises regularly is an easy and effective way to do both. By doing a workout session dedicated to your back once per week, you will greatly improve your posture automatically (it will naturally start to straighten), and for a lot of people, pains they typically have in their backs either reduce significantly or completely.

It really is a win-win situation, and there is no reason anybody shouldn’t be doing exercises to improve posture on a regular basis. This is also a solution that fixes the problem from within instead of relying on an outside solution such as a posture brace or a medical procedure like spinal decompression. If you are dealing with a preexisting condition already, you may want to check into a chiropractic clinic for a professional diagnosis.

For those of you that have never stepped into a gym, people who are bodybuilding typically have a day of the week for each muscle group (i.e. – day 1 is legs, day 2 is chest, day 3 is biceps and shoulders, day 4 is a rest day, etc.). Well the posture day at the gym is pretty much the same as the back day. This is why people who are bodybuilders generally have great posture – if you are exercising your back regularly, you are working on the muscles that maintain your posture.

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The back isn’t made up of one large muscle, it is made up of several smaller muscles that all work in different ways. However, an easy rule of thumb to remember is if an exercise involves pulling with your arms, then it is a back workout. Likewise, if you are pushing with your arms then you are using your chest muscles. Also generally speaking, back exercises tend to use biceps as a secondary muscle, and chest exercises tend to use triceps as a secondary muscle. In order to have a good, solid back workout you need to make sure to do both upper back exercises and lower back exercises.

There are A LOT of varying back exercises, but if you want to make sure to hit all areas of your back, a good solid routine should include some version of all these exercises: the lat pull down or pull up, the seated row, shoulder shrugs, and the back extension.

If you do some version of those four workouts once per week, your posture should start to improve automatically, and if you are suffering from regular back pain caused by poor posture, these exercises will certainly help with that. Please look at the posts on this website that describe each exercise listed in greater detail. If it is your first time going to the gym or performing these exercises, it would also be wise to bring a friend who knows what he is doing or have a personal trainer show you proper technique and teach you some bodybuilding tips.

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