Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Due to overwhelming demand, I have caved and decided finally to make a post about weight loss (I was resisting for a long time).

Weight loss is about 100 times easier than anyone seems to think. There is one factor and one factor only when it comes to weight loss: calorie intake. That is it and nothing else matters. If you are taking in less calories in a day than your body is using up in a day, you will lose weight. From a mathematical standpoint, that is the only thing that could happen.

When you workout, you use up more calories, but if you are eating more than you are working off, then you will still gain weight. So obviously exercising helps, but it certainly doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want whenever you want (as a lot of people tend to think). You can exercise any way you want. Read best exercises to lose weight for more ideas. Running on electric treadmills is a great way to get a good cardio workout at your own home.

Now that we’ve gotten that straightened out, we can go over a few more details. The most obvious question is ‘if calorie intake is all that matters, why can’t I just eat hamburgers all day and just make sure I take in less calories?” Its actually a pretty fair question, and technically, if you you eat less calories with hamburgers in a day than you do with broccoli, you will lose more weight. However, there are two things to think about here:

1) Hamburgers have way more calories than broccoli, so you would have to eat a TON of broccoli to match the hamburger.

2) You still aren’t considering nutritional value. Sure weight and health are related, but not 100%. A skinny person is not always healthy; their diet could still be poor and they could end up having a lot of health problems. Just because you can lose weight by eating one hamburger a day instead of three meals of healthy food a day doesn’t mean you want to. When you start getting older your poor dieting habits will catch up with you.

Seriously, if you read the above and truly digest it, you should have no problems at all getting your body fit and maintaining a healthy life style. Always eat healthy foods (you know what they are), and eat a little less overall if you are trying to lose weight. That’s it!

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