The Importance of a Good Neck Pillow

The Importance of a Good Neck Pillow

Many massage therapist every day work on people with neck pain. Simple neck pillows can alleviate and prevent many neck aches. There are a variety of different pillows for neck pain on the market and each one has its own place at the right time. Most of us spend a third of our lives in bed and a good pillow is important at night but it is also important on long car trips or plane rides too.

A failure to support the neck can make you end up with not only a stiff and sore neck but for some it can lead to headaches. The strap muscles, located in the back of the neck, are meant to support your head and shoulders. When these long straps become tight, they create tension in the neck and upper shoulders and this can then cause a tension headache. Not supporting your neck during sleep can cause you not to sleep very deeply too. Perhaps you cannot get comfortable or you are restless, sometimes with a feeling that you are falling over. When we do not get REM or deep sleep during the night, we are not as healthy or productive during the day.

neck support pillow
A neck support pillow will help keep your natural posture aligned.

Getting regular headaches will slow you down too and it is not healthy. It is always easier to prevent a headache than to get ride of one after the fact. Using a good neck support pillow in the right way can give you the added support that you need. Do not bunch up the pillow and make it too hard. Instead let the natural fold, of the pillow cradle your neck. A Memory foam neck pillow is very accommodating. They give you support and just the right amount of give at the same time.

memory foam neck pillow
A memory foam neck pillow is very comfortable because it molds to the shape of your neck and head.

Modern science has come along way since memory foam was invented in the 1970’s by NASA. Tempurpedic neck pillows are one of the most popular brands of memory foam neck support pillows. They also carry other pillows for regular nighttime use and for therapeutic use. If you visit their site, they will send you a sample of their pillow materials. When you put pressure on this martial and then release it slowly, it goes back to the exact shape it originally was, just as your head does laying on it. The idea is to support the head, neck and shoulders but not to sink in and lose the body’s natural alignment.

Their pillows are not terribly expensive but some companies can be. However, if you think of all the down time you would potentially have from missed workdays and money you could lose from making mistakes, then you are better off thinking ahead. A small investment now could save you time, money and pain in the future.

travel neck pillow
A travel neck pillow can make a long car or plane ride much more bearable.

When planning a vacation you can get an inflatable neck pillow to take with you. Use it at the hotel and on the plane or car ride there. Normally a long plane ride could irritate your already sore neck but plane pillows just do not cut it. Travel neck pillows come in all shapes and sizes, are usually pretty small, and will fit into your carry on luggage.

If a previous injury is causing you neck pain then a neck pillow especially made for neck pain is what you should be searching for. During the healing process, the neck muscles can be over stained or even torn. Even with a neck brace, you still need to be sleeping on a pillow with adequate support. This is a time to let your neck rest and recover. You should get plenty of sleep to hasten the healing time as well.

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